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User Roles

Once activated, Ultra Community automatically registers two new user roles and grands additional capabilities to them

  • Community Admin – ultracomm_admin
  • Community Member – ultracomm_member

Community Admin role

Community Admin is a role you can give someone to manage Ultra Community settings without making them an admin. They have all the rights a Community Member has, and are granted the main capabilities:

  • uc_manage_ultracomm – controls if  the user can manage Ultra Community admin settings
  • uc_edit_own_profile – controls if  the user can edit own profile
  • uc_edit_other_profiles – controls if  the user can edit other users profiles
  • uc_view_other_profiles – controls if  the user can view other users profiles
  • uc_view_private_profiles – controls if  the user can view other users private profiles
  • uc_view_admin_toolbar – controls if  the admin toolbar can be shown
  • uc_setup_profile_privacy – controls if  the user can change email address or password from front-end
  • uc_access_wp_dashboard -controls if  the user has access to WP Dashboard Admin area

Community Member role

When users register via signup process, they will become members and by default they will have read access only for most capacities. This is equivalent status to a normal blog subscriber.

In addition a Community Member has the following capabilities:

  • uc_edit_own_profile
  • uc_view_other_profiles


Create a new User Role


In order to create a new user role and give its own permissions and capabilities go to UltraCommunity->User Roles and click on “Add New” blue button

When clicking the “Add New” button, UltraCommunity will automatically create a new User Role with title  “New Community Role” and it will grant the the following capabilities:

  • uc_edit_own_profile – Users can edit their own profile
  • uc_view_other_profiles – Users can view other user profiles 

User Role Title – this is the title of the newly created user role and you can always change it

User Role Capabilities – you can decide whether the users having this role can have the following capabilities:

  • Users can edit their own profile
  • Users can edit other user profiles
  • Users can view other user profiles
  • Users have WP Dashboard access
  • Users can view admin toolbar

User Role Actions

After User Registration – when a new user having this role registers on your site you can decide the status that will be automatically assigned. You can choose from the following:

  • Automatically Approve – user will have an Active status and it will be automatically logged in
  • Send Activation Email –  an activation email will be sent to the provided email address and once they will confirm their registration their status will become Active
  • Hold for Admin Review – user will have an “Awaiting Admin Review” status and they will have no access to your site until an Admin will manually Approve/Deny the registration request.

After Registration Redirect URL – depending on the user status, if is it set to Automatically Approve, you can control where the user will be redirected after a successful registration. By default users are redirected to their Profile Settings page but you can redirect them to a Thank You page or any other URL.

After Login Redirect URL – you can control where the users that have this role will be redirected after a successful login. By default users are redirected to their Profile  page but you can redirect them to any other URL.