Ultra Community

Community & Membership WordPress Plugin

Key Features

User Profiles

Create stunning fully customized user profiles


Users can create and join groups of common interest


Login & Registration

Create multiple customizable login & registration forms


User Roles

Create multiple user roles and give each role its own permissions and capabilities


Forms Builder

Create unique multiple registration, login, and user profile forms for your site


Email Notifications

Create customizable emails that can be sent to users after a certain event was triggered


User Activity

Allows users to create public wall posts and see the activity of other users

Members Directory

Create a fully customized list of users in your community

Groups Directory

Create a fully customized list of groups in your community

Members Directory

User Profile

Extended Functionality
Make it work for you

Without a doubt, Ultra Community is a complete bundle to create your community sites without having any advanced knowledge of programming. Right out of the box, it includes all of the features you’ve come to expect from any online community, like stunning user profiles, login and registration forms, notifications, and many more.

However, we believe that your system should be tailored to your needs without the added weight of unwanted functionality. We strive to perfect this balance with our add-ons, referred to as extensions.

Do I have to purchase extensions?

No. Extensions are entirely optional but do help to dramatically extend the functionality of your community site. If you just want to download the Ultra Community base plugin, click here.